Huon Valley Centre Coaching

Coaching and training updates will be posted on the Huon Valley Little Athletics Centre Facebook page.

HVLAC offers training in a range of track and field events.

We look forward to supporting all athletes with coaching and training to support their athletic development.

Our coaches:

  • Jacqui has a wealth of experience coaching all athletes, specifically long jump and triple jump.
  • Vicki has over 40 years of little athletics coaching experience and brings her passion into our training sessions that cater for all.
  • Jean our Centre Secretary offers advice and coaching to all athletes, regardless of experience.
  • Julian our Centre President is passionate about making Little Athletics for all and supporting athletes to be their best.

If you’re new to Little Athletics or want more information about events start with the Little Athletics Tasmania event factsheets

There are a range of short coaching video clips available on the Little Athletics Australia webpage.

Please check our Facebook page for any changes to coaching and training.